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Zator Media is the combination of creativity, an engineering approach to content, and obsession over each bit of content. The founder’s background in corporate data analytics was interesting, but hugely advantageous jumping into video marketing. Video may be all creative, but Eric Kim refused to “leave things to chance” — deconstructing video strategies that businesses were using and creating repeatable results for his clients.

After seeing this creative-yet-methodical approach work across industries spanning real estate, financial planning, medicine, and beyond, he founded Zator Media to spark growth for businesses in the greater Atlanta area. This approach was refined into the 4 Stage Process we use focused on increased sales, delivering brand awareness, and creating leverage for the businesses we serve today.

Client Success Stories

Jane Closed
$100k in Deals from Organic Leads

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Tim Made $150k
From New “Online Clients” in 6 Months
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Ron Added 10 
Sales to Pipeline in First 4 Months
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